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About TAMA

TAMA was founded in 1970. In the first years, we produce tooling as a subcontractor. After a few years we developed our own products in the form of hand punching tools, DIN-rail shears and pneumatic presses. Our products are sold through retailers worldwide. Today 80% of TAMA´s products goes for export all over the world.

The first and the best in the field

TAMA takes great pride in delivering the right products at the right price and with a short delivery time.

Fast and efficient service before, during and after delivery has always been very important to us.

TAMA has all the relevant competencies in-house. It gives you many benefits, in terms of delivery on time, high quality, cost and risk. Our customers appreciate these benefits, as it ensures more cost-effective order processing, rather than if the components come from external suppliers. We always focus on the customers individual wishes and all products are processed at the factory in Denmark.

High quality products produced in Denmark

For more than 50 years, we have been producing all our products in the most sustainable way. We focus on high quality, so our products will last for many years. We always focus on the customers individual wishes and all our products are manufactured at the factory in Denmark.

Frank Söllmann / CEO

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